Alienware Debuts New Pro Wireless Mouse and Pro Wireless Keyboard

January 22, 2024

New Pro Wireless Mouse and Pro Wireless Keyboard at CES 2024 to Help Competitive Gamers Claim Victory

For the first time in Alienware history, they are breaking into the competitive gaming peripheral scene with the new Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse and Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard. These advanced wireless products debut at CES 2024 alongside new gaming laptops and first of their kind QD-OLED monitors to satisfy competitive players and esports professionals.

The Alienware team knew that to make a premier mouse and keyboard tailored for pros, we needed input from pros. Throughout the development process, we collaborated with over 100 esports athletes from across the globe, including Team Liquid, our longtime partner and the most successful team in esports history. Guided by their insights, our expert engineers and designers meticulously crafted our most advanced peripherals ever.

Tuned for performance and comfort, welcome the Alienware Pro Mouse

Pro gamers are in consensus – a tournament-ready mouse needs to be responsive, comfortable and offer long battery life. We pushed the limits in these areas then combined them with thoughtful conveniences to make the Alienware Pro Mouse a great choice for anyone — from esports athletes to tech enthusiasts.

We started by packing the Pro Mouse with the highest performance components. You are probably familiar with DPI, but another key performance characteristic is polling rate. Polling rate is the frequency in which data is sent from a mouse to a device.

The higher the polling rate, the more often a mouse tells a computer its position. This results in faster response and precision and leads to a smoother looking mouse cursor when aiming or moving around the screen (similar to the benefits of a high refresh rate monitor). When milliseconds matter, the Alienware Pro Mouse gives you the edge with 4KHz wireless (0.25ms response time) and 8KHz (0.125ms) wired polling rates — a huge step up from the 1KHz maximum seen on many of today’s gaming mice.

But what good is performance if the mouse isn’t comfortable to hold? Finding the ideal design for a wide range of gamers was no easy feat – after all, everyone has a unique hand anatomy. Working closely with pro esports athletes, our designers sculpted a rounded symmetrical shape suitable for all grip types (palm, claw, fingertip) and hand sizes. We dialed in the perfect weight  under 60g for an ultralightweight feel – to balance mobility and stability then took the design a step further by incorporating a built-in dongle housing.


With the design perfected, our next priority was ensuring each click is rapidly registered and feels consistent for every user. To achieve this, we pioneered exclusive Magnetic-Force Keyplates with optical switches. Their magnetic force allows the Pro Mouse to deliver faster debounce times – the time it takes for the switch to register a mouse click – and improves rapid clicking speed while preventing button stick.

We then equipped the Alienware Pro Mouse with a state-of-the-art sensor. More specifically, the mouse offers 650 IPS tracking speed, 50G Acceleration and up to 26,000 DPI for precision and consistent tracking during gameplay. It’s also durable, boasting up to 70 million click rating so even first-person shooter and real-time strategy players can feel reassured[i].

Other key features:

  • Battery Life: 32 hours at 4KHz polling[ii] or 120 hours at 1KHz polling[iii]. USB-C charging for five minutes gets you six hours of 1Khz polling gameplay[iv] and an LED indicator reports low battery life.
  • Additive-free PTFE Feet: Durable material with a satisfyingly smooth feel.
  • Aluminum Scroll Wheel Design: Premium and lightweight.
  • 6-Button Customization: Map hotkeys and macros including DPI and Profile Switching.
  • Dual Connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless or wired connection.
  • Battery Saver Mode extends the endurance of your Pro Mouse by reducing polling rate from 4KHz to 1KHz.
  • Sustainable materials: 82% post-consumer recycled plastics[v].


Alienware Pro Mouse Fact Sheet & Spec Sheet

Keyed for the experts, meet the new Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard.

Competitive players require room to move and a key layout that doesn’t hinder performance. They also adjust their keyboard position often to stay comfortable during competitions or lengthy streams. The Alienware Pro Keyboard’s compact 75% custom form factor strikes the sweet spot for players who want to save space in competitive games like Counter-Strike 2 without sacrificing features or stumbling over unnecessary keys.

Once the ideal size was determined, we began an unrelenting pursuit to engineer the ultimate custom linear key switches. It took countless iterations, working with pros each step of the way — and reception from the athletes has been overwhelmingly positive. Our Alienware Linear Mechanical Switches have a precise 40g actuation force for quickly registering inputs while providing an immensely satisfying sound and feel. Speedy activation and smooth, rewarding key presses will make gamers want to game long into the night – and they can do so without plugging in thanks to the Pro Keyboard’s long battery life: 72 hours with RGB at 50%[vi] or 798 hours with RGB off on a 2.4Ghz wireless connection[vii]

Fluid keystrokes without scratchiness are the result of a low-friction POM (polyoxymethylene) material on the stem, while two layers of silicone dampening remove echoing and produce a pleasing deep tone. Not only do the transparent switches sound great, but they look stunning thanks to transparent switches with fully transparent light-guides that funnels light upward to provide a vibrant and even per-key RGB glow.  

We are confident in our custom pre-lubricated switches, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we designed the Pro Keyboard to support most 5-pin and 3-pin switches so pros with trusty switch sets can hot-swap them onto the Alienware Pro Keyboard. This way, they can personalize the feel of their switches across the keyboard – and do so using the included puller tool.

Durability and stability are other critical concerns among pro gamers who spend countless hours in intense practice and tournament sessions. That is why the top plate of the keyboard is constructed from 7000 series aluminum, which is the hardest and strongest aircraft commercial grade of aluminum. In addition, our double-shot PBT keycaps are tested to 100 million actuations and molded in color (not painted) for dependable fade resistance. On the bottom of the Pro Keyboard is a long silicone strip and large silicone feet to prevent accidental sliding during those edge-of-your-seat moments. Moreover, the feet let you adjust the height of the keyboard to a comfortable typing angle.

Let’s cap things off by tapping into other Pro Keyboard features:

  • 72 hours (RGB at 50%, 2.4GHz) or 798 hours (RGB off, 2.4GHz) of battery life gives gamers the ease of mind to play through marathon rounds.
  • Tri-mode connectivity with 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth 5.1, and USB-C wired connectivity options. Connect to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and switch between them with the tap of a button.
  • A 1KHz polling rate delivers consistent response times across both connectivity options – wired or over our 2.4GHz wireless dongle connection.
  • Sustainable materials were used with the keyboard containing 47% post-consumer recycled plastics.[viii]

Alienware Pro Keyboard Fact Sheet & Spec Sheet


Unlock Your Gear's Full Potential with Alienware Command Center

Each of these new peripherals can harmoniously connect to your gaming ecosystem and be easily managed via Alienware Command Center 6.1 (AWCC), a centralized hub that allows quick access to settings such as game-specific profiles and themes, AlienFX lighting, macros, and more to squeeze every ounce of performance from your gear.

Here are some of the key features enabled by AWCC 6.1:

  • Battery Saver Mode extends the endurance of your Pro Keyboard by turning off RGB lighting at a customer-defined battery percentage.
  • Group DPI and polling rates to your preference on Pro Mouse.
  • Disable key shortcuts to prevent a game-ending distraction on Pro Keyboard.
  • Easily update the firmware of your Pro Mouse/Pro Keyboard and dongles.

A software update coming soon after launch will make available additional onboard profiles for the Pro Mouse.

Alienware Command Center Fact Sheet

Whether you’re an Esports professional playing for millions on the main stage or a dedicated enthusiast hosting online challengers at home, the new Alienware Pro Line delivers the high-performance fit and function needed to help you claim more victories and climb the leaderboards.

The Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard and Pro Wireless Mouse are available in both Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon colorways.

For More Information

To learn more about Alienware’s new pro-verified peripherals, check out the complete press kit here and find all of our CES 2024 Innovation Award Honorees here.

Target Pricing & Availability

Available in North America on January 11, 2024.

  • Alienware Pro Wireless Keyboard will be available starting at $199.99 (US) / $269.99 (CA)
  • Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse will be available starting at $149.99 (US) / $199.99 (CA)


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