Dell Technologies and AI

May 9, 2022

Dell Technologies’ portfolio for AI is has cutting‑edge business solutions for companies across a broad range of industries seeking to adopt AI for a range of tasks that provide deep insights, analysis, and results faster. Real-world applications, including validated designs, are available for many industries.


Validated designs for AI with VMware and NVIDIA can deliver unprecedented performance at scale. Dell Technologies is the first to deliver the latest virtualization capabilities for AI and advanced computing in VMware environments. With the ability to virtualize AI solutions with VMware, IT can provision hardware as needed, speed up initial deployment and simplify centralized management and security. Accelerated data centers deliver better economics and performance with fewer servers, resulting in faster insights and lower costs.

The cloud often makes a great starting point for hosting AI. However, it is not always the most effective or cost-effective solution. Nor is it for those organizations that need their AI and analytics infrastructure on‑premises to access existing or larger data sets. As organizations mature their AI over time with applications running at scale, data volume, and security concerns make on-premises infrastructure the best solution and Dell Technologies has solutions that bring a mix of features to maximize performance, scale to meet future demand, and adapt to virtually any workload.

Beyond this, Dell Technologies hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) portfolio, built on PowerEdge servers, offers scalable platforms to simplify IT operations. Dell VxRail and Dell vSAN Ready Nodes are integrated systems designed with VMware, for VMware, and to enhance VMware‑enabled organizations through intelligent lifecycle management.

Dell Technologies and VMware Together

The partnership of technologies from Dell Technologies and VMware with end‑to‑end hardware and software gives AI researchers, data scientists and developers the software they need to deliver successful AI projects while providing IT professionals with the ability to support AI using the tools they’re most familiar with for managing data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

Dell Technologies and VMware are working together to make AI scalable, with the broadest possible global reach, time savings and best-of-breed solutions, so that it can handle large and complex workloads such as scientific simulations, weather forecasting predictive analytics, visualization, modeling and simulation, financial modeling, and signal processing. Collaboration in the AI space is intended to move industry and enterprises forward from theory to reality, where intelligence and computing technologies can make the most significant business impact.

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Written by Jane Pratt

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