Design Workstation: 4 Impressive Capabilities of Dell Precision

June 26, 2024

Creatives in all industries rely on powerful technology to bring their visions to life. From filmmaking to data visualization, computing power has become as important to modern creation as human ingenuity. That's why choosing the right design workstation has never been more necessary. 

Dell Technologies is the number one workstation brand in the world. Here’s a closer look at the features that have made that possible. 

What Is a Design Workstation, and Who Needs One? 

A creator-designed workstation is a computer with powerful hardware components, software, and peripherals intended to support creative endeavors. It's a single system creators can use to bring their most computing-intense ideas to life. People also sometimes call these CAD and engineering workstations. 

Whatever you call them, a creator can use a high-performance workstation for many purposes. They're most commonly associated with exceptional professional graphics but are also great for: 

  • High-quality photo and video editing 
  • 3D design modeling and rendering 
  • Engineering designs 
  • Data visualizations 
  • CAD projects 

Creative and design workstations usually have high-end graphics cards to support these types of creations. If your work doesn't need a high-end GPU, a traditional computer may be a more cost-effective solution. 

You'll also need to decide between purchasing a mobile workstation or a stationary tower setup. Mobile machines let you take your work anywhere but don't always match the power offered by tower PCs. The better option for you depends on how you plan to use your new workstation, in the office on the road, or in a hybrid environment. 

4 Capabilities of Dell Precision as an Ideal Workstation for Creating and Designing 

Dell Technologies sells design workstations through its Precision line of mobiles, desktops, and towers. These come with special hardware and software to support various design technologies and workflows.  

Here are four features that make Dell Precision devices perfect for graphic-intensive creations. 

1. Dell PremierColor Technology and Intelligent Performance 

Every Precision mobile workstation e comes with Dell PremierColor, a software solution that helps users refine the color quality of graphics, animations, and other media.  

The software helps you achieve your goals by allowing you to select the right color space for your content. Once you do, PremierColor will automatically recalibrate your creation's color and correct for oversaturation. 

Precision workstations also deliver Dell Technology's intelligent performance. They feature professional-grade CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs that work together to help you take your designs to new heights. They also feature advanced thermal designs to keep your system cool while you work.  

Plus, you can scale up with increased memory or storage options. If you're not ready to invest in higher-speed storage systems or larger amounts of storage yet, you can often add these upgrades after the fact. 

2. InfinityEdge Displays With an Immersive 4K Experience 

Display quality is another factor to consider when choosing your workstation. You want a display that shows every detail of your designs so you can spot issues clearly as they occur. 

Dell Precision mobile workstations and Dell monitors provide this through InfinityEdge technology. These immersive 4K displays maximize your view with thin borders along three or four sides. They'll help you see the edges of your creations more clearly and get more out of a monitor that takes up the same amount of desk space. 

Consider a dual monitor configuration for your new create and design configured workstation. When combined with Dell's InfinityEdge displays, these configurations can boost productivity by as much as 18%. 

3. Mission-Critical Reliability and Robust Security Features 

When choosing the right technology for your workstation, ensure the system is reliable enough to meet your needs. 

That's why Dell Technologies invests thousands of hours with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who rigorously test our workstations. The process helps us find and fix errors before they impact your design process. 

ManyPrecision workstations also have Dell exclusive, BIOS-based, Reliable Memory Technology Pro. This automatically fixes single-bit memory errors and maps out bad memory sectors to avoid errors and blue screens. It all comes together to make Precision Workstations highly reliable machines. 

Your workstation will also be highly secure thanks to Dell's rigorous supply chain controls and integrated advanced security features. These include built-in below-the-operating-system security controls, Dell SafeGuard for enhanced data protection, and sophisticated remote intrusion detection software. Features like these make it safe to create proprietary designs on Dell Precision devices. 

4. AI-Ready and Efficient Workstations With the Best Processors 

Precision Workstations are also well-equipped to help creators pursue the next generation of AI-powered creativity. They feature built-in AI accelerators, making it easier to use the technology in your designs. Taking it further, professional graphics help you take advantage of the latest AI-based technologies within the creative and design applications you use (and more features will be released in the future). 

You'll also get AI-powered tools from Windows 11 like Copilot, which can help to improve productivity and creativity. It also includes Windows Studio Effects. Together, these make meeting with your team virtually easier with video auto-framing, eye contact control, and more. 

When you purchase a Precision Workstation, you can also choose from several of the industry's best processors. These work with DellOptimizer to automatically fine-tune your system's performance and user experience. The software also lets IT administrators optimize workstations remotely in corporate environments. 

Discover More on the Dell Precision Product Line 

As the number one design workstation, Dell Precision could be just what you need to bring your best ideas to life. You'll get professional GPU-powered workstations that can run demanding applications with extreme performance.   

Each Precision machine includes advanced integrations to help you capitalize on emerging trends like AI design. Whether you're interested in a workstation for 3D modeling applications or a graphic design workstation, Dell Precision can help you reach your goals. 

Read more about how other creatives have used Dell Precision, or review our latest webinar on Dell Precision to learn more. 

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